Beret Sizes

Folks, I need some advice and help on a grown up level!

I have a new cadet whose head is measured at 67cm. What is the largest beret available through the supply chain? If size 67 exists can you advise the sect/ref stock number?

If its not available can anyone advise options or work arounds

Thanks in advance

I’ve got an idea that the largest beret normally available is a 62.

Thats what Ive come across, however someone must have come across a similar challenge

That is quite a large head. Are you sure you measured correctly?

Yes, we double checked the mothers measurement and measured the cadets head at the Sqn, and it is a large head - a result of a childhood medical condition which as the cadet ages/grows will ballance out to a degree.

You can request special measurement items throug your parent unit

I expect so, though its a slog just to get ‘off the shelf’ items, never mind bespoke sizes.

I might be tempted to take a 62 and try lots of steam and a hat stretcher.

Nope, tried that and does not work

You can definitely get up to 62 off the shelf in most places. I have a 64 cm head, so had to wait a week or two after my kitting - but it did come though without too much drama.

I’d put the request in and see what happens.

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I am Air Scouts and mine is a 65/67 I think - took the size label out.

I got it from Mess Dress in Bournemouth

They have been able to get sizes in for me very quickly - give them a call