Beret Shaping

Hello there, I have recently been shaping a beret, but the results are very thick and weird. One of the sergeants suggested I remove the inside (the black layer) of the beret to achieve a good result.

Does anyone have any experience in “removing the inside layer of the beret”? If so, are there any notices that I should do when removing it? Thank you.

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Don’t do it. It won’t help. Just keep shaping and pulling it in to place.

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I always blew up a balloon to the size of my head to leave it on to dry overnight after shaping (repeat over several nights) etc.

Definitely don’t remove the inside.

Some of the berets have less fabric than the old ones which will make it more difficult to get a traditional shape. Using the proper directions (hot and cold water) and putting it on something to keep the shape until it’s fully dry (it is easter holidays so maybe there is a day you can do it on head)

You’ll hear many old wives tales like the removing the liner, weighting the excess material whilst it’s wet, using a safety pin. You’ll end up with an unnatural shape and damaged material.

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The only thing i ever did was remove the plastic cover, covering the label but rest of it was intact,

Wear it in a hot shower, shape it, leave it over night, spray with water to occasionally tweak the shape