Beret and remberance day

As today was my last remberance parade before leaving can I as an ex cadet wear my beret at remberance day next year? Obviously in civi dress.


Can you? Nobody will stop you.

Should you? No.


Why on earth would you want to? Please do not do this.


I will just say this:

Those who wear regimental/service blazers/ties or suits with their medals and a beret do so not to bring attention to themselves and their service, but to pay respect and compliments to, and to honour those they served with and those who came before them.

Can you justify standing alongside them claiming that same honour?


OK, I lied.

The official answer is no.

I understand and appreciate some of the logic behind wanting to, but the power and sentiment of being there as a civilian is going to be greater than being there clutching at a link you don’t legitimately have without stretching.


Fair enough Im only asking as my friend wears his grandads beret from ww2 plus his medals so was just wondering


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Your friend wearing his granddads beret and medals are a different sentiment, but your question is valid.

You can pay the same respects by just being there and I can assure you that in itself is adequate.


Interestingly the following link of “veterans” saluting was shared on Facebook…

Facebook link

and i noticed one of the individuals is wearing a ATC cap badge…an odd one I thought.
it would take someone with a keen eye to spot it, but doesn’t make it the “done” thing…

(to answer the question posed, I agree with those who say “no”)

I just think one doing that is putting themselves at risk of being slated by ex-regs

It’s sorta like turning up to rememberance Parade with your scout handkerchief after your not in the scouts anymore

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You could always talk to the OC about becoming a member of staff when your 20th birthday strikes.


It may be the editing, but to me that photograph looks quite old looking at the quality.

Either way, it’s quite odd.

It might even be that the vet has turned up in his suit but no headgear to an event, local cadets are there and in the spur of the moment for a laugh with the kids he’s plonked a cadets beret on his head.

I can’t imagine anyone thought it would ever be scrutinised.

Just a thought.

I did keep my beret when I left cadets (poor thing was falling to bits) but never once wore it again.

Come back as staff and wear the staff uniform!