Being picked for Wing activities


Does any one know the way you are selected for Wing run activities like Camps or Comms courses or Shooting training etc etc?

If there are only a limited number of places per squadron, does the OC of the squadorn select the cadets to go, and tell Wing who they have picked, or do all the names go to Wing HQ and Wing Staff choose who attends?

I’m asking because it seems a bit odd if no one at Wing really knows you, but they get to make the selection choices, which is what I have been told by staff at my Squadron.

thanks for your help

Caveat: It will vary depending on wing. There’s a shock!

Typically, squadrons will receive a bit of paperwork asking for nominations for an activity, along with a set of criteria for applicants. What the squadron does with that will also vary but typically results in them nominating certain people to attend and providing certain information (experience, age, ranks etc) and occasionally a personal citation on the nominee

The controlling agency for the activity (it may be wing HQ or a course leader) will look at the responses, selecting people if there are too many nominees for the places available. Certain cadets may be prioritised based on age or experience but it could come down to rank (ie, if they need an SNCO at a camp) or even spreading places fairly between units.

Where squadrons nominate more people than there are places available, the spares can end up as “reserves” to be called forward if somebody drops out.

Thanks for that - It all seems rather complicated! I guess I should be used to that by now!!!