Beeswaxing shoes?

Hi guys, just wondering as I am about to get new parade shoes and want them to look great whether I should beeswax them. I would like to get them to a really high shine and bull the whole shoe without it cracking to be fair on the ladies having to bull the whole shoe.

Please let me know on any methods, though I have one in mind, and any general tips for the whole process or if I should totally just not do it. Cheers :+1:.

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Probably don’t need to do it.

Opinions can be pretty strong, but whilst bored in lockdown I’ve got a fantastic shine on a new pair of shoes using parade gloss, cotton wool and cold water… and a lot of patience.

From experience, whilst it does look great when done well… 99% of the time you will do some moderate/severe damage to the parade shoes.

Stick to polishing :+1:

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Dont bother…DMS shoes will fall apart…also most people balls it up and ruin shoes in the process

Just for clarity the whole shoe is also expected of the male shoe. The book doesn’t say “only the toe cap” but people’s belief is that it is all that is required as no one/so few pick up on it

On to your question of beeswax…I’ve never done it nor know anyone who does in my 20+ years. I do know it takes more effort and care to apply and question if that offers proportional gains for an “everyday shoe” used in such a manner

Amen. AP1358C just says highly polished, i do pick up on it though when running courses etc.

I have a set of Oxford beeswaxed for cere stuff. If done properly it can be beneficial however its a ball ache and i will probably never do it again.

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Thanks for the help. Will probably just stick to my old ways and just spend a bit more time on the main body as well.

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