Becoming a Fieldcraft instructor

Hi all,

For context, AFAIK my wing hasn’t been offering a FCI/FCO courses in a while, as we haven’t had a fieldcraft officer. With my past experience in the CCF, I have a fair amount of fieldcraft experience and I am eager to pass this on to my even more eager cadets.

Has anyone been in a similar situation, or have any advice as to what I could do/ how I could begin to advance?


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If your wing has been doing no FC and has no WFCO then it may be a good idea to contact a nearby WFCO, or the regional FCO and go from there?


Offer to become the wfco and then cry


RFCO would be a good start, they can point you to a Wing who is doing some training.


As @bob1 says

Based on your post in another thread I think I know which wing you’re from, in which case I know that a FCO was recently appointed. They’re likely just getting their house in order after not having a FCO for a while so might be worth making contact directly. Happy to point you in the right direction via DM if you wish

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Will pop you a DM then


My advice is: don’t wait for someone to offer you opportunities. Be proactive and look further afield to neighbouring wings. If you have spare capacity and you are really passionate about fieldcraft, you will find a way. Could be uniformed volunteering with the ACF as well as the RAFAC to get access to training. I know CFAVs who do both.


I didnt think this was actually Allowed

I don’t know if being a uniformed CFAV in both is allowed, but being a CI in the RAFAC and uniformed (SI) in the ACF isn’t a problem. Not easy doing fieldcraft as a CI (no MTP) though.

Not ideal but also not impossible.

Plenty of decent subdued colour ‘practical civilian clothing’ out there

Uniformed service in multiple organizations is permitted, can’t remember where in ACP020 it says this, but it definitely does.

Probably more of a JSP 814 thing I think?

4.1.7. Dual Appointments. CFAV may be members of more than one CF at the same
time providing the Commanding Officers of the units are aware and in agreement. Officers
in dual appointments may, therefore, hold more than one Cadet Forces Commission.


I aint got time for that.

Who got time for that.

No one with a social life or relationship outside Cadets!


Is that even a thing?


Our wing sees mtp as required wearing for all fieldcraft activities as it counts as ppe (ci’s included)

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I can see the PPE element.
BUT… of course only if the person is correctly wearing gebuine issued MTP, not fishermans wharf stuff from fleabay.

It does however breach the regs, whereby Corps says CIs only in MTP for certain shooting coures. Nothing else.

We really should issue a CI version of number 3 uniform, so that CIs jave appropriate wear.

But then of course, if a CI wants to teach FT…

Go into uniform.

can you?

what is it that MTP has/does/is capable of as a garment that offers “protection” that is unique to MTP over what can be purchased in a Go Outdoors?

I don’t get this PPE argument people suggest with MTP. Unless it is bulletproof, waterproof or some other feature I am not aware of, it is just a cotton/polyester mix garment - be that trousers, shirt or jacket which may have certain features (such as pockets) which might be unique but these I do not class as “protecting” to tick the PPE box

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Its signed off in the FT regs to meet Safe system of training.

Other kit CLEARLY would be fine.
Just hasnt been assured to do so.

Thats all.

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