Becoming a CCF or ACF Unit

Does anyone know of a Squadron transferring from the ATC to become a CCF or ACF unit. I recall a Sqn becoming a CCF unit awhile ago, but I wondered if anyone knew any specifics? Pros and cons etc…

Strictly speaking you wouldn’t transfer as such. You would need to set up a new unit in the same way that any other unit is formed and then individually transfer the cadets and staff over (if a CCF(RAF)) or get them to join the new unit as new Army cadets.
You would also then need to wind up the original unit.

In terms of inventory from public stores you wouldn’t automatically keep everything. For those items owned by the civilian committee you would need to make arrangements for them to transfer ownership over, if they felt it was the best thing to do in light of their charitable objectives. @aries claxon

As above, I can’t see how an ATC unit could convert to an ACF as it’s completely different uniforms ranks & training.

However I can see how a school based closed ATC Sqn could rebadge as a CCF(RAF) unit if the school sets up a CCF(Army).

Not sure how committee would be wound up but it would a possibility that everything transferred to the school.

I did hear of a CCF(RAF) section rebadge to an ATC Sqn after the CCF closed due to the army section no longer being viable but I don’t know if a specific example.

Pro&cons wise I think tend to governed by the situation. If it’s the case the unit either converts or closes then there isn’t really a choice.

I doubt that’s a thing…

Quit and join the ACF?

Cadet forces expansion program could provide inroads into transitioning to a CCF - if you have a willing school in mind. Williamson, before he left, had managed a further £1.1M to support further roll out.

Definitely an appetite for more CEP. Your RFCA should have a Schools Cadet Expansion Officer (SCEO) as a first port of call, but if you want I can put you in touch with the officer at HQAC as a first step. PM me if so.

Of course, we did it wholesale in 1948 - my unit was an ATC sqn from 1941-48 and we wear the old sqn number on the brassard, which confuses a lot of people…


What is your unit now out of curiosity?