BBMF Pause

All BBMF flying paused due to Merlin engine problems

Well, they have lots of different Merlin sub-marks (Mk II Spifire up to the Mk IX, plus the Lancaster), so hopefully they can pinpoint the problem down to just one or 2 of them.

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Time for a fly past with the Dakota and Two Chipmunks

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Considering the history of one of those Chipmunks, that’s a story in itself.

The Rolls Royce Merlin was an imperfect aero engine in the first place - overcomplicated in its design, making it difficult to remove and maintain, and prone to failure when the aircraft it is powering is flying at a steep angle or inverted. Hence the Me 109 could outclimb a Spitfire, and the former aircraft’s BMW engine was a simpler design more suitable to mass production and field maintenance. That engine also suffered from failures, most likely caused by using ersatz fuel and lubricating oil which caused excessive fouling.
…but when there’s a war on, you’ve often got to go with what you know (or have available). :roll_eyes:

The big difference was that the Merlin used a float carburettor, hence Mrs Shillings orifice whist the DB 601 was a direct injected engine hence the problem when the Spitfire rolled the engine hiccoughed.


I wish BBMF would tell the story of the Chipmunk they have that was at Gatow in Berlin that was used by BRIXMIS for air surveillance flights around Berlin on the pretext of crew currency. Just as fascinating as some of the exploits of the other aircraft.



I am an obscure plane nerd, and love the chipmunks above any other BBMF aircraft, due to their undsungedness