Basic Radio & Comms slides

Every time I try and download and use these slides from Ultifail, they, well, fail. I get asked to ‘repair’ them, but nothing ever happens.

Does anyone know if they are somewhere readable on SharePoint?

I can add them here in a little bit.

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Please do. Thank you.

This is my fault for expecting something basic on Ultilearn to work…

Don’t seem to be able to. Can’t upload through Google Drive either.

PM me your bader address

It’s ok, panic over. I sorted it in the end.

I still don’t understand why the file on Ultilearn doesn’t work however.

@james_elliott one for you??

I’ve been using it with no problems.

I’m not on the computer at the moment but I recall changing the file type from ppt to pptx or the other way worked for me

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