Banner Regulations

Evening All.

Would one of you kind chaps be able to point me in the direction of the Banner Regulations?


Do you mean banner drill, or the regulations for how a banner must be produced?

If it’s what a banner should Look like, it will probably be in the first few pages of the banner drill section of AP818

It’s not.




    1. Existing Banners may continue to be used until they wear out, but all new or replacement Banners are to:
    • a. Be of RAF blue heavy silk or artificial silk.

    • b. Be not larger than 2’6" on the pike and 3’6" in breadth.

    • c. Bear the ATC badge for Region, Wing & Sqn banners placed in a central position with any local authority badge, RAFA badge or device, in a corner position. No other badge or device is to be included in the design. The Region, Wing or Squadron name may be included in the design below the ATC badge.

    • d. Be carried on a pike not exceeding 7’ in length.

Banner belt

  • a. The standard belts are available in Brown leather or White plastic in various sizes and set at either left or right shoulder. The preferred pattern is over the left shoulder. There is an option for Regions and Wings to purchase a custom made embroidered belt that can be designed with the region or wing badge. These are available at but are a high cost item.