Banner Party Help



We have a big inspection coming up and have been requested to have a banner party. My SQN hasn’t got much experience in this so any help would be appreciated in what we need to do. The inspection will be inside a small hall so space is limited.



Contact your wing warrant officer for assistance.


Currently don’t have a wing WO but had considered contacting the Regional WO. Just wanted to check on here first and see what everyone says.


Your RWO could be a good starting point - they can find someone local who may be able to assist directly.
If you know a DI locally you could get in touch with them directly, or if a nearby squadron is used to banner drill they could assist or advise.

I imagine you need specific advice and practical training and that is best done in person.
There are examples of the competition banner sequence available on youtube if you just want to get a general idea of what some banner movements look like, but fitting that into whatever it is you need to do may need a more adaptive, experienced approach.

If that all fails, try to do movements by the book but be smart about it.


Thanks for the advice.Will start off by looking at the YouTube videos and go from their.Will try and contact a local sqn and see if they can help.


If you don’t have any luck getting help, PM me your squadron number and I may be able to find someone local. I have contacts…


Much depends on your location, you may not have a Wing Warrant Officer however there should be a DI somewhere in the wing.

I’m no DI but have trained my cadets in Banner drill to a high standard,

Be careful which youtube clips you use althought there are some realy good examples ,some are either not done properly or are not very good.