Banner drill uniform

As a banner bearer, is the yoke supposed to be worn under the white belt or is the white belt supposed to be worn under the yoke.

Personally I thought the white belt was worn over the yoke to keep it in place and prevent it sliding all over the place when marching and carrying out movements etc.

If anyone can find the answer and where is it found in the regs it would be greatly appreciated.


To he fair I cant find anything in 1358c (but it is far too early and I might of missed jt) but the marking sheet from ACTO120 for WAD/RAD & Nationals has it clearly under the belt.

I would like to think that there’s never going to be anyone who penalises a cadet for whichever way it’s worn tbh… personal comfort? Preference? What looks nicest?

It’s the same as the colour of the yoke, white or brown - it doesn’t matter! But some of the drill fraternity take it rather too seriously…

Typically the white belt is worn over the yoke, but I can’t find it written.

That said, the nice RAF-style banner belt* (yoke) used with the ATC Banner has slits behind the belt material at the front through which the courlene belt should be slid, so that yoke (and other fancy yokes with similar mechanisms) should be worn over the courlene belt.

(*Well the one they used 10 years ago did anyway. Not seen the current one.)

The trend of wearing the white belt over the Banner belt is a bit of a fad. You won’t find it anywhere in regulations and arguably it was never the intention. People just started doing it relatively recently.

Though to be fair, ceremonial is generally meant to be taken seriously and especially so at competition level.

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