Banner drill tips

Hello all that read this!
Sorry this is one of my first times doing this and I still haven’t got the hang of this.

On The remembrance parade on remembrance Sunday I have been chosen as banner bearer for my squadron. Issue is, I’ve never even held the thing in my life. I have two nights to learn perfect drill with the banner and have no idea where to start. I’ve watched the previous banner drill competitions and noted down stuff but I’m still very nervous. Has anyone got any advice or tips on what to do and or what it entails to be banner bearer. My foot drill is not great and I don’t think I’m ready for a role of this responsibility.

Apologises if I’ve made mistakes, my English is bad ( it is my first language however I’m still bad at at )


If there’s no one with the knowledge physically able to help and guide you, the only tips I can type simply enough are as follows:

  1. Read the manual
  2. Watch videos
  3. If all else fails, copy the other banner bearers from other units
  4. RIght forearm parallel to the ground when the banner is in the bucket
  5. If the ground is wet and mucky, try not to dip the banner so low the material touches the ground - just let it fly and hang

Most of all don’t fret - the public aren’t going to notice small mistakes or deviations from how it should be done. You’ll already look the part. Make the movements sharp and snappy and it will look good even if the timings aren’t right or the move isn’t the way it should be.

@AlexCorbin are you able to be more specific?

Let’s align expectations… You are not going to learn perfect banner drill in 2 nights…the key is to take your time… Remember 1 left right 1 left right 1…just count. Also ensure the bucket is properly fitting and well positioned… If not it makes it a lot harder!

Focus on moving between the following movements.

Order Banner
Carry Banner
Slope Banner

Also get confident marching with the banner

And learn how to Dip Banner (not royal salute)

Don’t worry about anything else, you won’t need it

You can see the individual. Movement in this video 2019 RAFAC Drill Championships - Banner Drill - YouTube


What page is Banner Drill defined in?

It’s referred to as colour/standard drill AP818

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Is there not any rbl banner barear in your area

As much as I appreciate their support in this area and something is better than nothing but a word of warning, they teach a their own drill not AP818 drill. It’s easier to teach it right first time then trying to knock out bad habits.

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Thank you all. I have read the AP and watched 2017, 2018 and 2019 banner drill completions. I think I have the gist of what I need to do but I guess i will find out soon enough. Thanks for everything!

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You’ll be fine, I’m sure. Enjoy the occasion as it’s a nice thing to be asked to do!

I wouldn’t trust any of them to teach proper drill.