Banner bearer

I am carrying the RAFA banner for this Sunday’s parade however I was wondering at what point you dip the banner. I know all the banner drill I just don’t know what point it’s to be dipped


Itll be dependant on the parade instructions.

Just follow everyone else

Thank you

A good parade commander would publish parade orders. A good rule of thumb is to dip the banner on the last post, hold for the duration of the silence and then carry on the reveille. If the national anthem is played, it standards are usually dipped for that as well.

Ask one of the other standard/banner bearers when you get there, hopefully they will know!

Essentially as per @talon, wrt when to dip.
The trick is getting the standard out of the bucket to dip and back into the bucket when coming to the carry.
Also if it is raining or wet, the standard is held horizontally and not draped on the floor.

Dip for the last Post and the national anthem.
The best policy is to follow one of the more experienced Standard Bearers

Are there any rules on saluting through either:

A. The national anthem
B. The last post, 2 min silence or reveille.




Any idea about the last post etc.

We should conform to local custom but the general rule is that uniform officers and warrant officers are to salute when the Last Post is played, but not during the Reveille.

The salute starts on the first note and ends on the last note - as with the national anthem. There is no need to hold the salute during the silence.
Other ranks are to stand to attention throughout.

Interesting. I think most parades I’ve been on, everyone has held the salute during the silence.

Yeah, I see it a lot too… I think it’s mostly that people don’t know any better.

Seems to depend on the year for us. Some do, some don’t.

That’s a long time to hold a salute!

Tell me about it. Achey arm time.

I can’t claim the final word or authority on these matters, but taking a look at the RBL Ceremonial Handbook it is quite clear what is expected…(red box)