Bank paperwork


Good morning,

The original Committee of the Squadron that I have joined dissolved two years ago.

I am trying to get the bank Signatures changed over to the new Committee but obviously I need the Signatures from the old Committee Signatures.

Who would be responsible for getting these? Our CO said it is me but I am not happy about going to strangers doors and asking for their Signature and one of them I believe is ill with Cancer and the other does not have a car.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


It’s kind of a gray issue but you could try a friendly phone call to ask if it’s ok before turning up at the door.
I think banks have processes in place to sort this as well


There is a problem with one of the Signatures in that her daughter has just resigned from the Committee in not good terms. I would think I would get a barrage of abuse if I went to her door.

Surely as a volunteer the CO should do this as we are a new Committee and doing this for his Squadron?


Well sorry not everything is the COs problem we have enough to juggle… and they are potentially open to the same abuse as you…

What about sending the padre? Nobody really shouts at them :grin:

A nice phone call can do a power of good, and if they say no speak to the bank for help


MMMMM I like your thinking although I know our Padre has had Pneumonia recently, but maybe worth an email. Yes she may shout at the CO but as far as I am concerned he deserves it, he is a horrible, untrustworthy man who needs to stop hiding behind his uniform.


Ahh… send him then


Unfortunately you are dealt the hand you have in terms of CFAVs, if the Committee has a major issue with the OC you could petition the Wing Commander to have him replaced, however you would need substantial evidence, and word would travel fast that the CivCom had had the OC removed, making it a less appealing role for another CFAV.


Unless the OC or some other member of staff has a good relationship with the previous signatories and can be used as an arbiter in this, dealing with the finance is the responsibility of the civcom. I don’t think you should be trying to pass that on to somebody else simply because it is distasteful.


Surely she would bite your hand off to get rid of any association to do with the squadron?

She has no beef with you, so hopefully a polite phone call, and 2 minutes on her doorstep should do the job.


If I say that her daughter took on the post of Chair and then resigned, then yes, I think she may well have a beef with us too. Unfortunately her daughter proved to be a very unprofessional and lazy young girl. Due to her being an ex cadet we thought she would have had the drive and experience to take the Cadets and Committee forward. Very quickly we realised she was nothing short of the COs monkey. I have now put on my Big Girl Pants and sent her mother and email. I may well be back to inform you I have a black eye and no signature! Wish me luck!


… and should it happen … you will marked for ATC-HQ 'special attention.

In respect of my previous postings, this is the other side of my points whereby this is the responsibility of the new CivComm and you cannot expect the CO to undertake the role.

The advice to date gravitates toward phone calls and speaking to the bank. I doubt you will make progress with the bank as the laws that now bind them will be a greater concern to them (in terms of penalties etc.).

Despite the difficulties surrounding your outgoing chair you will have a fairly stark decision 1/. swallow hard and engage in the hope that your patience can win the day 2/. walk away, start new bank accounts and go from there. This is not an uncommon situation and one understandable reason why ATC-HQ feels a need to involve itself in squadron charities. However, be careful if your bank asks for a copy your constitution. If you present them with the current ACP-11 you will probably rejected as the wider provision for signatories is contrary to banking rules (I can quote three high street banks who have made this observation in our trials).

I certainly do wish you luck and patience and that common-sense will prevail. Without that, you are very unlikely to be able to recover control of the bank accounts from the current signatories if they will not respond.


This is your best start, but as an afterthought, the changing of signatories is these days something of a protracted process. You will need co-operation over weeks and perhaps months if it is a joint signatory account.


It is the Civ Comms responsibility I’m afraid. Saying that it would be nice to see the CO help you with this and maybe knows the people so could go with you.

Failing that, the bank will have a policy for where signatories are not available and you could go back to them and see what they say.

Good luck.


The CO might be a tad busy running the Squadron. Civ Comms shouldn’t be shifting thing onto the CO, especially belligerent* ones who clearly aren’t exactly on good terms.

*belligerent is my word of the day


I do not know what she means in her reply but has said that the paperwork was filled out and the old Civ Com will be very angry if it wasn’t submitted to the bank. I phoned the bank and she and 3 others are still on it and said they have never had anything to say they are to be removed.


if you start a new account what about transferring any existing funds? Banks are so twitchy about how kosher money is now I’m not sure you’d be able to access existing funds to transfer them. I tried to pay some money into one of my mum’s building society accounts and they wouldn’t let me, even though I had her book.


On another note, since we have such an unhelpful CO, can someone tell me where I can find job descriptions for each of the positions held Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. For example he told the Secretary the only responsibility she had was to take minutes but told me she should be doing x,y and z. If there isn’t anything anywhere would you mind giving me a list of what you can think of. You guys are my life line at the moment!


I take great offence at being called belligerent as I am a friendly hard working lady who has been given no respect by the current CO. I did not go into this looking to quarrel with anyone!


ACP 11 is a starter, try your Wing chair as well. Have you any contact with another Squadron’s Civ Com, who may help you?

If the Wing chair is unable or unwilling to help, go directly to the Regional one. And, document everything such as date time who you spoke to, copies of e-mails or paper documents scanned into a file.


You are welcome to take all the offence you want but when you are referring to someone as the “CO’s Monkey” you don’t exactly come accross as impartial.

A well run Squadron needs the OC and Chair to be a Team, that’s a 2 way street. If you took the role already seeing the OC as the enemy which is the way your posts come accross then maybe you aren’t the right person for the job. (Unless you have Wing Support to get rid of a failing OC).

On your post before regarding Terms of Reference, if your OC isn’t providing you with access to the book I would suggest going to the Wing Chair. It’s also worth noting that as Squadron Chair you are entitled to the Squadron Chair Bader Email account, the Password for which will give you access to Sharepoint where all of the information you require is stored. (Along with much else) if you don’t have this access and the OC won’t grant it again the Wing Chair should be able to assist.