Bags for camps & events

Hi everyone,
I’m getting a 100l bag to use for camps, (I know that’s quite bit, but I’m using it for other things too), and I was wondering what kind of size you’d use for events & camps?
Currently I have around a 35l bag which I use for parade nights & events, I haven’t been on a long camp as of yet, but I would think I’d need a bigger one then.
(I hope this is in the right category, if it’s not, please correct me.)

Thank you.

What type of 100l bag are you getting?
What sort of camps do you plan to attend?
How do you get there?

I usually take a large holdall and a decent 35-40L daysack, with blues in a suit carrier.

It sounds like you have it covered.

My daysack is large enough for a one or even 2 night deployed exercise, and it can take side (rocket) pouches as needed.

I do also take a couple of dry bags, the sort where the closure doubles up as a handle. These are my daysack liner/laundry bag/bag for my webbing. More robust than a bin bag!

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Guessing that’s a wheeled bag? It’s big even for most week long camps - especially in warm weather. At the same time it would give you more flexibility, allow you to be more organised inside with how you break up the compartment (maybe boxes for important and/or collections of small items), and minimise secondary bags for shoes/boots/sleeping bags or whatever else cadets have a frustrating habit of hanging off the outside.

But if you use that, don’t be tempted to fill it just because you have the space.

35l is on the upper limit really for a daysack for most of a cadet’s needs - a small bergen without side pouches is 45!

Bag size is really going to depend on what activities you’re going to be doing. Going to a blues weekend won’t typically need as much space as a greens weekend. A mixed-uniform week will naturally need more space than one or the other.

Realistically your 100l shouldn’t be getting filled except on a week long event with blues and greens, supplying your own iron, pillow, and sleeping bag, where you needs plenty of spare kit and to also prepare for it to be warm or cold and dry, and warm or cold and wet in blues, greens, and civvies.


I think it’s just a carry on sort of thing. I plan to attend camps like Swynnerton and any camps I can get on to be honest. Thank you for the advice.

Every one (cadet AND staff) likes to think that they HAVE to have everything… and ahead of time.

In an ideal world and one without budget constraints, that’s great - but let’s be realistic…

For a start, no cadet should ever be told “you can’t do XXX because you haven’t got the right bag (or whatever) - unless, it’s a matter of safety / appropriate for the activity and you don’t check with the activity directing staff.

(For example - you’re mean to be doing your DofE and you rock up with a suitcase…)

I would expect most camps to be capable of being able to contend with any form of luggage, if push came to shove.

I would also expect every Sqn to be able to loan you hold-all, Bergen or other pack of required - or - be able to source it from other Sqn or WHQ.

Working out what you’ll need to take - how long you’re away for - do you need greens, blues, No1s, civvies - what type of weather - bedding… and lastly is accommodation in tents, or buildings…

A bag for a weekend’s Fieldcraft is going to be different to a week of summer camp, with official visits…

Planning staff should be well aware of how much kit cadets (and staff) are going to need to bring, so that they know how much space they’ll need to transport it all…

But probably most important of all…

Can YOU or someone else reasonably pick up and carry your bag without injury…?

There is a high likelihood that you will be expected to carry, wheel or drag your bag from the transport to wherever you’re sleeping…!

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I have used something similaiar to this

that has got me through a week long Annual camp and two weeks at RIAT in the past (with a separate suit carrier and a day sack (25L rucksac))

This is very important and what I have always worked on.

I can throw the duffel bag over my back, using the handles as straps, carrying the suit carry and day bag in my hands (if required a sleeping bag stuff sack too) if you can’t lift your lugguge/move it in one journey you’re likely taking too much.

I am not a keen “packer” and will pack what is needed and typically live out of my bag, i rarely unpack my bag into any wardrobe/chest of drawers option instead organising my bag so I know where it all is. Civilian clothes on one side, greens on another, underwear in a side pocket with wash kit etc, blues in the carry case.

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