Badges on Gore-tex

I need to sew some badges on a Gore-Tex smock. Will this damage/degrade the waterproof performance of the Gore-Tex?

You should not be sewing anything onto gortex…

Why? I never stitch Goretex unless effecting a repair, certainly never putting badges on. But the answer is yes, sewing through Goretex will damage the membrane layer, this can be mitigated by using seam sealant over the back of the stiching.

Yes, it will create a route in for water via the stitching. Consider using proofed seam-taping on the inside of the stitched badge.

Alternatively, what about using double-sided self-adhesive velcro?

You are bearing in mind that waterproofs normally have no badges affixed to them, other than rank onto epaulettes, because of these issues?

This is so intriguing. WHY?!

Ask your staff to indent for the Sash, badges, Goretex.

I think the NSN is: 1-800-onlyjoking.

Failing that, ask them for a 7ft fallopian tube. That’ll help.


The other answer to why he’s sewing badges onto a Gore-Tex smock is that his staff have told him his regular combat smock is Gore-Tex? I had a cadet turn up to Cosford 2012 with only the issue ripstop, his staff having informed him they were waterproof.

If anyone remembers Cosford 2012, that’s the one where we still have Vietnam flashbacks to how wet and cold it was. We had to end reststops when the Flying Officer’s shivering got too much for her to speak. That cadet was wringing wet.


I had just about blocked that from my memory…

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There is a goretex smock, however as PCS the badges should be going on the plates and not on any goretex bit. Also, it’s way too gucci to waste on a cadet! :stuck_out_tongue:

Technically there is 3 types of PCS Goretex. The normal stuff, the lightweight stuff and the extreme Cold weather stuff.

And the Velcro panels are annoying as anything. PCS is utter rubbish though.

What badges are getting sewn on and why?