Badge suppliers

We’re planning to get new school crest badges for the left blanking plates on our MTP.
Any one recommend a good, cheap supplier? Trying to avoid the usual rip-off merchants.


Are such things allowed on MTP?

Makes me sad. Most my lot are still in CS95.

One organisation, split by 2 worlds.
The first and third.

Nope…but this going to start the whole CCF school traditions/rules vs AP1358C argument and to answer the original question if I wanted any embroidery done it would be green frog that gets my custom

Drop me a message I may be able to help with that

Yep. Not sure why they don’t allow Sqn/Wg ones for ATC though

Thanks, will get a quote from Greenfrog.
Honestly I think it’s time we stop pretending to be one RAFAC. HQ give the talk of us being closely related, but in reality the way they operate us, we’re maybe second cousins once removed. We share a lot, like to meet up for big events but other than that live our own lives. I’ve tried to bridge the gap, but HQ seem intent on it not happening.
@Paracetamol we only have MTP because the Army section get new kit when they start and when they grow, then we recycle the old stuff and the returned kit for the RAF. Getting hold of blue stuff though… That’s been like trying to find a 1970s BBC presenter that you’d be willing to let babysit your kids.

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Ahh fair play missed that! But I honestly I don’t really look at the CCF stuff in there because I never mingle with them lot ha

Greater Manchester Wing do wear something in their left patch

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Combatlogos have always been quite good.

There was a period where it was allowed and then it went away but lots of places still continue, every Squadron in my Wing has a Squadron one.

I find combat logos to be pretty overpriced.

I use direct boot

Thanks for the tips guys

Haven’t found Combatlogos to be overpriced, but he doesn’t deliver on time unless you badger him repeatedly. Results very good though.

Not endorsing, but we use them at work.

That’s like when someone starts a sentence with “I’m not being racist but…”

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Haven’t tried Terrane on a custom job yet - they’re well known (and not usually cheap!)

Lol, true, but got to say it as it’s my forum!

They’re not paying me!


Second vote for Terrane!

I have only used them for custom jobs, all four occasions top service and even completed some special delivery instructions for me.

I agree they are not the cheapest, but the customer service, speed and quality of product kept me returning