Badge Magic

This is going to provide lots of fun on inspections when F2F returns ! It will be ‘Magic’ for sure when the badges disappear from the brassards as a result of being ripped of because there not seen on!

Why would you rip them off?

Definitley not allowed to do that…

But when it comes to changing badges… Chewings will happen for damaging uniform

Indeed, the glue will mark the brassard.

Just checked the dress regs around brassard and it doesn’t actually say they are to be sewn on.

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Living up to their nickname as always…
That’s about the most expensive sheet of fabric adhesive I’ve seen. £12.95 (plus the usual £5-6 postage) for a single sheet 30.5cm x 22.3cm. You could buy something like 5 m² of brand name fusible on a roll for that price.

…and only a fool would use that on a brassard instead of just sewing the badges on.
I used to teach all my cadets how to sew on a badge, a button, and to repair a ripped seam. Takes no time at all.

Just use Wonder Web

It’s certainly cheap enough, but it’s the same gopping muck which really should never come near clothing.