Bader Sharepoint

What… The… Heck…

Looks like something from Windows 95.
I hope that isn’t the final look of it…

Looks like Staff wing is no more, there was 6 wing in W and W and now there are five, whoops.

It looks like site with the h missing.

What: The BADER Team will be upgrading BADER SharePoint from 2007 to 2010.

What about SharePoint 2013 and 2016?

:ohmygod: You forgot that the Ivory Towers are years behind us at the coalface and outside world :rolleyes:

Looks like that they’ve skipped 2010 and gone to 2013! Still one behind though… And it’s cost them a small fortune I believe to do it, although it was due an upgrade.

Will be upgrading to 2016 in the New Year.

2013 SP just shows how poorly organised our SharePoint System is

Lot of people complaining with zero chance of allowing something to be completed. #standard.

The downtime was originally set to be 0000 - 0700 this morning, but changed to be 1200-2359hrs on Sun 4 Dec 16. So not unreasonable for users to expect the work to have been completed and back operational.

There have been a couple of unexpected issues but no wide communication in this regard, from having access to everything except my own Wing earlier, I now have no access at all, anywhere.

While the primary outage was advertised by BADER MAIL the update that is causing the current issue is hidden on the landing page, that I doubt many use.

You complain way too much fella. WAY too much. Things happen in areas like this, unexpected things. Next you will tell me your company IT bod does this in addition to driving a van and could have done it overnight to minimise disruption and there would have never been any downtime or unexpected issues.

Give over and give it a rest. Over.

While these things never run to plan, it does seem that our systems suffer more than you would expect.

Most businesses plan these for holiday periods. We’ve got major changes happening over 2 days during the Christmas break. Maybe HQ IT should look to do updates etc in these periods, rather than overnight or at weekends.

I actually don’t think it’s much to ask that someone sends a group email. The stupidity of putting an announcement about not having permission to view aspects of the site on the page that people can’t access is a bit silly really. They know email is working, send one email saying the same as that announcement. Job done.

(Or, better yet, work on eliminating as many problems before they occur as possible).

I’m not complaining about any of these issues. I’m also one of the IT Bods at my company :stuck_out_tongue: so do know that these things happen.

What is poor here is that the communication has been across Twitter & the Landing Site, but nothing has been released through the same medium that we were advised of the outage - this is poor communication.

The poor communication creates frustration as an expectation had been set that the system would be working today.

This comes down to a lack of a communication policy, that no one really understands. - Accounts post updates as an Announcement (I have an alert so find out instantly) the update normally then gets forwarded as an attachment ( as we use these in announcements now for some reason) by WHQ Staff 2 or 3 days later. would be a lot easier if Accounts just sent regular emails to keep everyone in the loop.

Forwarding an attachment of plain text is frustrating as I then need to open that rather than just read an email which is easier.

We got an email?!? You need to speak to your bader person. They got emails - ours was forwarded on.

But the outage notification was sent to all, why filter through a single person, who might not have checked their email today

They should bin social media as a way of pushing things out and just use ‘all address’ emails for notifications, as the norm. The MoD seem to operate a ‘cascade’ system to each level which is pointless to us. When you look at the trail on some emails it’s no wonder things take ages to happen. If I get emails like this I just forward to all staff so they are in the loop. But given I can’t access ‘Bader’ at work I don’t see them for upto 3 or 4 days later when I’m at the squadron.

Teflon/GHE2 Shut up will you. I have enough emails to look at, I know where to go to find system updates thank you.


You’re missing the point. You might know where to look for System Updates, apparently this week it is Twitter but it would be a lot easier if there was a standard agreed promulgation process. It could even always come from the same email address so you could put a inbox rule on if you wanted.

A number of changes etc have discovered by us on the front line via social media, in some cases Cadets asking questions and us having no knowledge.

The number of emails where the chain looks somewhat like HQAC > RHQ > WHQ > All Sqns with the comment Please See Below, is crazy and delays dissemination especially when people are out of the office etc.

Corps Policy, is just that, policy for the entire corps, so should be sent direct to all to avoid cases of local policy. RCs will already be aware of the new policy in advance as will no doubt have been involved in it’s development as part of the SMT.

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If people get too many emails, unlink ATC ones from your phone and or don’t look at them at work.

I work to a premise of I don’t look at work emails when I’m not here and so why should I look at ATC emails when I’m not at the sqn?

I’ll just leave this here…