Bader Personal Accounts - They're Here!

If you haven’t updated your SMS record, now is the time! You should have an email in your Bader account now :slight_smile:

Personal accounts are coming soon!

The countdown begins…we will be rolling out personal accounts on 24 May. Please ensure that you have checked that your information is up to date and correct as per the information at the link below:

For further information about the launch of personal accounts, please check out:


What happens if you do not have a mobile phone

You can Multi-factor authenticate to an email address or landline telephone number :+1:

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Thanks for that

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So I’m just getting through 63 unread emails…

Something I’ve not seen answered - if we want a preferred name (e.g. Joe instead of Joseph), should we update our Firstname field, or will take the Known As field? (@themajor @james_elliott)

Ohhh, I never considered this! Could actually change my name on SMS to Joe Bloggs for the next 24 hours so I get :rofl:


errr… you mean :wink:


I’ve now seen one email from someone who’s been testing their new personal account - I’d not even considered the format before then

Yeah, I never thought about where the info got called from either. Here’s hoping when checking their emails people also checked correct spelling in their names on SMS :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve already changed mine to Luke Skywalker ready for the change :+1:


you mean Joe Bloggs isn’t actually your name?! :exploding_head:

Also as for your original question. I will make an educated guess that it will be taken from the Firstname field, now known as because the known as field is optional.

Hopefully people have been more diligent than me and actually read

yeh, but they could do

email_firstname = "";
if known_as is null {
   email_firstname = firstname;
} else
   email_firstname = known_as;
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Yes you should update SMS.

But which field?

First name.

I’d love it if there was no checking done at all by the Bader team as they start generating the email addresses tomorrow.

I doubt there will be, it’s hardly their responsibility to make sure peoples SMS details are upto date.

Cue frantic double checking of my details on SMS after reading this thread.


Changing names now will probably be too late to hit the first tranche of email addresses being produced :man_shrugging:t2: