Avip workbook


I’ve got my AVIP in 7 days and can’t get a hold of anyone from sqn. I don’t have contacts for anyone relevant from wing and really need to start this ASAP if I’m to get it done in time. Can anyone send me a copy of the workbook? I don’t have Sharepoint access and have not been given a copy, although I heard I should have been.


You should be working through the AVIP booklet with your Sqn Staff so you’ll need to speak to them, to not only get the booklet but also to work through it


I don’t know how it is in your Wing but in ours the OC has to sign the workbook as complete before the person attends the course.

It does take a bit of time to go through it all.

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There is an AVIP in my Wing in 7 days… drop me a DM and I’m sure I can help you out.

Are you a cadet or member of staff?

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My suggestion would be to contact your Wing Training Officer if you can’t get in touch with your squadron staff, assuming it’s them running the course.

The email should be training.<wing>@rafac.mod.gov.uk (e.g. training.cscot, or training.north). Feel free to send me a DM if you’re needing an address checked for a wing.

You will need to do some bits with your squadron, but there are definitely bits you can do on your own. Definitely have a chat with them about it on your next parade night though.

Remember you should also have done your mandatory training before the course - all the e-learning is self led on https://learn.bader.mod.gov.uk
(You should also have an account for that by now).

Likewise happy to help over PM. I’ve mentored a few new CIs through the process.

Thanks! Any chance you could send me a DM? I don’t know how lol.

If you click/press on a person, you should get something like this?