Avip workbook copy asap

Hi has anyone got a copy of completed avip workbook i could compare to please. Would really appreciate it.

The vast majority of the AVIP workbook is not a quiz that you can just copy. Most of it is things to you need so see or do and then tick it off. Not only dop you need to tick it off, but your OC needs to sign the back saying they have checked and discussed with you that they are happy you have actually done those things.

The ‘quiz’ parts are easily researchable. RAFAC/RAF knowledge, EDI and various unit specific things.

There isn’t a book you can just copy.


what did you put for section 7 task 1 and 3?

For task 1, I wrote “As an NCO in the RAF Reserves, I have a mandatory personal objective to “promote an inclusive culture within [my] area of responsibility, working to increase understanding and engagement through education and initiative”. Naturally, this responsibility extends to my secondary duty as a Service Instructor.”

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and what a number 3 which i see few have struggled to answer this exactly?

In the section before the tasks it’s sign posts you to the statements you need to refer to &copy/paste from.

So task 1 references the standard EDI statement that should be on display

Task 2 says to read the equality act

Task3 says to read ACP20 pers form 103

Part of the soft teaching of the workbook is understanding how to find & navigate through policy documents as adult staff.


Also when it asks for various cadet roles on a squadron which ones is this meaning?

Do you have a cadet in charge on canteen? Do you have a ‘senior cadet’, normally a CWO? Do you have different Flight SNCOs/JNCOs? Do you have a cadet in charge of stores?

This will vary massively from unit to unit.

Some units might have cadets in charge of things like AT and Fieldcraft as they might hold qualifications that the staff don’t have themselves.

As @JoeBloggs says, this varies from unit to unit. I was advised to list the staff cadets, flight commanders, and MOI qualified cadets only.

It’s a poorly worded question really. But again, the AVIP book isn’t about right or wrong answers. It’s about encouraging engagement with the organisation imo. Be that learning how to find policies, or just getting to meet the various staff and cadets and see what they do day to day!


What @JoeBloggs said. You should have a mentor, named in section 3, who should be your guide for these local questions, how to access the policy docs, etc.

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Buuuut… All of these questions should be answered by your squadron mentor.

While there are bits to do yourself, this should be somewhat collaborative.

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Also, I’m assuming that you’ll will be doing the induction course? And, if I’m remembering correctly, a lot of what’s in the work book is covered on the course, so having filled in the book yourself will familiarise you with what is being discussed on the day.