AVIP What can I expect (is it easy to get through)

Got my AVIP coming up what can I expect as it’s online any help will be greatly appreciated.

A doddle. Tick box exercise.

Excellent many thanks always been a bit of a worrier :+1: getting old now :grin:

It’s not a test.
Turn up.
Chance for you to ask questions, if you like.

That’s about it.

Also usually a chance to meet others in the wing and have a chat.


Like other have said its just ensuring you have the level of knowledge required to be a CFAV and know how to act appropriately in the organisation, given how you’ve said you are returning you should find it a doddle!


Thank you Mr paracetamol :grin:

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Thanks Alex :+1::pray:

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Does AVIP have to be delivered or can one work through the files on Ultilearn?

In my area theres a workbook that has to be completed, it’s not all on ultilearn, that stuff is part of mandatory training.

AVIP includes things like understanding the structure of the organisation and key people relevant to your area. A bit about different roles, training and progression, social media policies, harrasment… The workbook was self study and AVIP more of a knowledge check/share.

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Same here

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Well I have managed to download workbook and AVIP to my laptop ready for this Saturday online. A few questions I noticed. :man_pilot:

Take a look at other staff / staff cadets and tell yourself, “well - if THEY passed it… I’ll be fine!”

In a nutshell…

Don’t touch the kids

Don’t be alone with the kids 1:1 - without making sure someone else is aware

Don’t touch the kids

If in doubt, ask…

Don’t touch the kids

Remember there’s a policy / procedure for EVERYTHING

Don’t touch the kids

Think about how you would want to be treated / respected / asked etc

Don’t touch the kids

Go through a series of scenarios / role plays

Don’t touch the kids

By the way… did I mention, don’t touch the kids!

Good advice then!