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Hi guys, sorry if this is in the wrong place, I’m new here!
I turn 18 at the beginning of December. Unfortunately this was not recognised by my Wing / Squadron. I informed my OC about 4 weeks ago and he was concerned that nothing had come through from wing. We had my DBS paperwork sent of as quick as possible but unfortunately I had missed the AVIP course. The next one is not until the end of January. I don’t want to have to miss nearly two months of cadets as you can imagine. I was wondering if there are any other options? Am I able to attend the AVIP at another wing? How do I go about this? Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

I would get your CO to ask the training officers of neighbouring wings. I did when my basic expired a few years ago.

We’ve had versions of the AVIP done on Sqn if absolutely needed to be done. This was done over a couple of parade nights and invites were extended to other sqns.

Sorry, but if you haven’t completed your AVIP before your 18th birthday and you are planning to stay as a cadet, you will be suspended from all duties until you complete the course, no exceptions!

Has your DBS come back? I would suspect this is going to be a bigger issue than the AVIP. I dont know the current processing times but AFAIK a 3 month + wait just for that is not unusual.

I had a cadet who did not do his AVIP until after he turned 18, it wasnt a big issue as he was booked on the next available course. but we did have to suspend him for 2 weeks until his DBS came through.

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