AVIP Help ED&I commitments

Hi everyone. I’m new to the site so hopefully this is the correct place to post this.

I need a bit of help filling in the final part of the AVIP. I’ve completed all parts but my head as gone blank for section 7 task 3 ‘ Explain how our Ethos, Standards and Core Values, as outlined in ACP1, link with RAFAC’s ED&I commitments’. Any help would be much appreciated. Many thanks

Something along the lines of the fact that bullying, discrimination and harassment should be challenged under our ethos and core values. Members of the organisation may experience discrimination or bullying due to any of the protected characteristics listed in the Equality Act and all members of the organisation should be treated fairly and without discrimination in line with our ED&I policy.



[Tongue in cheek] I’m not sure we want to follow the RAF’s lead in this area [/tongue in cheek]

Not very good really

I would reference each one of RISE and how d&i corresponds to each of them

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Thanks for your input.

Thank you