AVIP for Padre?

Looking at the outline of AViP is it really a requirement for a Sqn Padre to do?


A Padre is a CFAV just like a CI / SNCO / Officer


Yes, just seems a lot for a non-supervisory role with little Bader interaction etc. etc

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On a previous Sqn the Padre may aswell have been a CI…would smash out a cracking principles of flight lesson


My Padre is very much in a supervisory role and has regularly taken our cadets gliding as well as acting as medic for Shooting & FT.

Let’s not forget that every blue camp also has a space for a padre.


Yours is the optiamy of a good padre…had a great discussion on why im not a fan of god stuff, and she fully embraced my opinion.


I’d say the people who benefit the most from AVIP are padres

Lots don’t get the exposure other CFAV get to the organisation so it helps them with the background knowledge and they’re often the first person on the list of people that cadets go to when they need welfare support/guidence, it’s a course that will teach them the appropriate channels through RAFAC


Exactly what a good padre/chaplain should do. They have a faith role, but a pastoral role for all people


A good Padre is a real asset to a squadron, however I think that there are already too many hoops that volunteers have to jump through.
Padres are busy, respected members of society, they are accustomed to working with young people - they do not need the extra burden of AVIP.
It is no wonder that there is a shortage of volunteers.

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shall we try remember what AVIP stands for

Adult Volunteer Induction Programme - note my bold. If nothing else, a potential CFAV (CI, Uniform, SI, Padre or other) are not being unreasonable to expect an induction into the organisation and the role they are joining

if a welcome induction is too much burden I doubt they are the right person to be a CFAV


I’ve been told its required but that no padre will be suspended for non completion! 16hrs is a lot for some, esp on Sundays :slight_smile: really grateful to staff who run courses on other days for padres!
Staff who haven’t been cadets need more induction than others of course… I encourage people to prioritise safeguarding stuff. In my experience, if someone’s got time to run activities then they can often make time to train, but some are inevitably more “semi detached”!

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