I’m doing my AVIP day this coming weekend. What’s the craic for the day typically?

These weren’t a “thing” when I joined the first time around as an CFAV.

It’s set out as being a full 8 hour day in the JI’s, assume it’ll be a mix of death by PowerPoint and some activities?

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Depends on your location, to my understanding. All I’ll say is make sure you have plenty of coffee with you.

Ahhh. That old “make it 8 hours long so we can claim VA” game. :wink:

Yes. Probs.



Did you do a ‘basic course’ first time round? This is the new version of that, but this time it has a book!

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They will say 8 hours but it’s usually much less (depending on who runs it). Its mostly child safeguarding, stuff about the organisation, health and safety, etc. All the really fun stuff.

Some snacks will take you a long way.

My view on the AVIP course is it is really useful for someone’s Mam or dad who have joined as a CI to help out. For a seasoned cadet turning 18 or ex ranker, they should already know who the CAC or CDS is and we are a part of 22Gp.

The good parts are the safeguarding and duty of care, less so the structure of the RAFAC and how we fit into the MoD…