Avatar Push


It seems that as the forum’s membership grows the site’s system of automatically assigning an avatar comprising of your first initial backed by a random colour is filling up and we are starting to see some duplicates. (Teflon and Typhoon being a notable example!)

Therefore, it would be nice to see a concerted effort on the avatar/profile pic front, it would also make it easier to see who has most recently replied on the summary page!

There’s no compulsion, it would just be nice to see some more individuality on your profiles!




Done :wink:


Well there isn’t really a lot we can do?

(Unless we tracked you down via your IP address and forced you at pace-stick-point to change it?)




At the same time remember putting up your Squadron Crest doesn’t help you keep yourself anonymous.


How’s mine?



I’m a tree, a Beech iirc…



updated mine too


As long as your not a “yew tree” :joy:


What about using someone else’s squadron crest?




Question is will Dawn’s face appear as an avatar??


Plot twist: it’s Teflon. Nothing sticks, after all.


Done :ok_hand:


If I knew how to do it




@mistertee click on your avatar top right, then the little cog for settings, down a bit and you’ll find the option there.


Done. Used my baby photo…