I have three officers on my squadron as well as myself, one of whom has just retired.

She has an interest in water-based AT and has an interest in volunteering with our local sea cadets as one of her friends is a CI there and they have a desperate need for staff. The officer does not wish to resign from the ATC, but does wish to become staff over at the SCC too (clearly wanting to keep busy in retirement!).

I said I would look up in the regs if it’s possible, however, I have had no luck finding anything. Anyone know if it is possible? If so, would she have to commission SCC too or can she still be a Flt Lt over there (I am guessing not!)? To me, I assume she would have to be commissioned there as it wouldn’t be possible to be a civilian instructor(who you wouldn’t salute) at SCC and also an Officer at ATC who you would salute. Surely you have to be one or the other?

Any help MUCH appreciated!!

If she is sticking to just wanting to help deliver AT activities for them then ACATI 007 might help you:

Use of Staff from Other Cadet Forces

  1. CFAVs from the ACF, MSSC and CCF who hold NGB or military AT qualifications may conduct training with RAFAC cadets and staff under the same conditions outlined above. Likewise, ATC and CCF (RAF) staff may conduct training with other CF cadets and staff subject to both the activity and staff being approved through the respective chain of command. Providing these conditions are met the supervising staff and students will be covered by the MoD Indemnity arrangements.

I see no reason why if both chain of commands are happy that she can just attend as a Flt Lt RAFAC and help out!

Thanks @JoeBloggs, that’s the AT side covered.

Although it would seem common sense that she could do other things as well, does anyone know of any regs allowing it or any formal process of doing it?


I feel like this is something that would be in ACP 20 but I don’t recall ever seeing anything in there that is relevant! I recon this would be one of those things where you email the OCs of both units and just ask permission from the COCs.