ATC ensign - date of introduction

As I’ve mentioned elsewhere I am having a reunion event for 1056 Sqn ATC in April. The successors (3 x CCFs and an ATC sqn) are coming.

I’m borrowing a flagpole from Benson. What ensign is appropriate? Did the ATC have their own ensign from the start or was it introduced later? (For comparison: the march past will be the RAF March Past because Venture, Adventure is a much more recent composition.)

What alternative were you thinking of to the ATC ensign?
I would have thought that it was most appropriate even if it wasn’t in existence from the start.

The RAF ensign - which is presumably what they would have used if they didn’t have the ATC one.

The CCF RAF split from the ATC in 1948 when 1056 Sqn was disbanded, so if 1056 would have used the RAF ensign I would use that instead. We have a 3* inspecting so it’s not massively inappropriate.