ATC Badge

Has anyone noticed the new ATC Badge


That eagle looks rather familiar but I can’t quite figure out where I’ve seen it before :wink:

That’s not the exhibitionist eagle?


It’s also not a badge, if we’re being technical.


What is it?

I’d call that a crest? But looking at the brand guidelines, it is indeed just called a badge!


A crest is the thing on top of a coat of arms, usually sone type of hat, helmet, or crown. For example, the crown and lion used by Army General Staff is the crest of the royal arms.

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I have a vague recollection that there is one RAF unit with an actual coat of arms, possibly CFS. As far as I’m aware, the others have ‘heraldic badges’.

I think it’s 600 Sqn. They have both a Sqn badge and the crest of the City of London.

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You’re absolutely right about 600 Sqn (and shame on me for forgetting, as I knew that!)

However, CFS does also claim to be the only unit with a coat of arms (below).

It’s probably a case of them either forgetting about / not counting the Reserves (it wouldn’t be the first time!) or disregarding all non-flying units.

So is it actually a new bird in the badge, or have they just increased some resolution on the previous one?

Any other info about it?

I believe RAF College Cranwell also has arms, not a badge.


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It appears to be the same bird that appeared on the initial, then later withdrawn, RAFAC TRF and different to the bird that already exists.

It doesn’t look straight to me. I assumed someone had mocked it up from the TRF.


Me too

Wow. You’re right!

I’m assuming that is not meant to be like that…

The outside bit is all square, but the bird in the middle is wonky. the lines I’ve added are all parallel. Note the top line on the crown that shows the outside is square.

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I’ll be honest, I have no idea what the actual original design was - there are multiple examples floating around that all seem to be tweaked and adapted in different ways.

Considering the TRF isn’t even centred, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to imagine ol’ flappy being a little on the skewed side after drinking whatever the person who signed off the TRF was on.

Anyway, there’s a thread for that.

Even the Wikipedia examples of that badge are “own creation”, and the Ensign image isn’t original either.

It is the same bird - no difference that I can see.
I beleve that it may be an Egret ! (I used to know, please correct if I am wrong).

There is no way that it’s an egret with a beak like that. Egret - Wikipedia
Definitely a bird of prey.

According to the old ACP it’s a falcon.

I thought I’d heard that somewhere before about it being a falcon. Good that you found a reference.

Assuming that the original designers would have based it on a falcon living in the UK, there are 4 possible species, Peregrine Falcon, Kestrel, Merlin and Hobby. Kestrel’s are the only ones that hover when hunting and would have the spread wings like in the badge, so it’s probably based on a Kestrel. The other species fly with more swept back, scythe like wings.

However, I’m going to tell anyone who will listen that the bird is a Hobby falcon, just in case anyone forgets that we’re volunteers and we do this as a hobby. Having that in the badge would be so appropriate :smile: