AT in the Peak District

Hello all, haven’t started a new topic in ages; what fun!
I’m looking to organise a day or two of AT in the Peak District in June, but I have no contacts there and I’ve never done anything there myself. Does anyone know any local instructors who could give me some sage advice on best locations etc? Perhaps someone on here can help.

Pindale Farm is really good for accommodation, they have both camping fields and bunk rooms, we’ve used it as a base for DofE really friendly and decent value for money. I’m toying with running an AT weekend out of there at some point this year.

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I’m very local. What are you looking to do, any ideas at all? Service accommodation, or private?

There’s pretty much anything you want, from standard hillwalking, MTB, rock climbing, paddlesport up to more interesting stuff such as paragliding.

Paddlesport is (in general) limited to open water stuff. There is some moving water, but it’s very level dependent.

Depends what you want to achieve and who your participants are really.

Mate, ace. I’ll DM you!

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Likewise I’m very local and know most everything thats available. Feel free to DM.

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Just be careful of your remits - part of the Dark Peak are ML

Which part?

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I’ll defer to @redowling but I’m pretty sure that the whole of the peaks is HML.

Yup, top end is HML, theres no ML terrain. ML Training courses occasionally do a day around Kinder or Bleaklow for a navigation focus, and when checking logbooks a course director might allow 1 or 2 Kinder or Bleaklow days, but realistically its not ML terrain.

So I may be a little out of date - I hold a BELA and Kinder was outside the scope of BELA. But sorry, I’m not too up to date so probably HML can do Kinder. Happy to be corrected on that.

Yeah BELA is basically aligned to LLA, whereas HML is a higher award.

I think the confusion a lot of people have is that HML is still relatively new and people got used to BELA or ML being the only options.

Don’t forget the Wiggle (WGL) - the HML predecessor. Or am I showing my age now.

It just wasn’t a thing in the ATC for some reason though, everyone either did BELA or ML :man_shrugging:

There are a few people around with it; certainly not many though!

I’m one of them!! It never appears on any AT renewal documents from any Wing I’ve been in since 2Welsh and one WATTO even asked what it was :rofl:

Think the issue was it wasn’t much shorter than ML, the Nav on boggy moorland was arguably worse, and the only thing ML had above and beyond was the steep ground work. So everyone opted for ML instead.

When HML came out, it was shorter so therefore more appealing, didn’t include any overnight stuff however, so there was a requirement to do ESM, but that suited a lot of people.