Assistance for cadet with cancer

I’m sure we all have a few ££ spare after lack of “non-essential” shopping. See story about Cadet Grace Gaskell.

“As some of you may know Cadet Grace Gaskell joined us in September 2018 having been on the waiting list for a long time as her older brother and sister were already at the Squadron. In July 2018 she was diagnosed with Anaplastic Astrocytoma – a stage 3 inoperable brain tumour.

Due to Radiotherapy starting on 28th August 2018, on her first night at Cadets she was enrolled in front of the Squadron, families and VIPs. She had radiotherapy in the morning then travelled almost 2 hours from the hospital to Beaconsfield – ironed her uniform (she was insistent that she did her uniform) before spending the evening doing the enrolment.

Now 2 years on she is still an outstanding example of what can be achieved when you put your mind to it.

Even when she is tired and hurting, she always has a smile on her face and if she can’t do it in the traditional way she will try and find another way around it. She has inspired a lot of cadets, and pushed them to their boundaries by encouraging them not to be too scared.

In January 2020 Grace relapsed, and is back on a tougher regime of Chemotherapy. The family are looking at a targeted drug that the NHS can’t fund, for full information please visit their Gofund me page here:”

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Very sad to say that Grace lost her battle.


She was a strong fighter. Stronger than i would ever be. I confess I shed a lot of tears hearing this news.


Really upsetting to hear this. Had some mates who knew her/of her. Definitely made of tough stuff.

Such a loss for us all.