Assessor/Superviser/Teaching Qualifications for Cadets

Hello, I was wondering what qualifications non-staff cadets can actually get for assessing/supervising/teaching so that I can help my Sqn run more activities?

Any cadet, regardless of age or rank, can in do the Methods of Instruction course.

Eligibility: There is no minimum age or rank requirement, but it is recommended that the cadet is at least a First Class Cadet, able to complete the course and will be of use as an instructor.

Arguably, ‘and will be or use as an instructor’ to me has always really meant that you want to be senior/master first. Purely because you then have more subjects that you can teach!

Cadets can also become Blue Leadership instructors/assessors before they are a staff cadet too. If you’ve done bronze/silver leadership this is something you can do!

The same might be true for radio/cyber, but I’m not 100% sure. I think for those there may be a train the trainer type course required.

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For radio a cadet can instruct / assess if they hold the next level up, subject to approval of the WRCO. There is no set criteria/T3 (anyone can teach blue in any case).

The regs for cyber unfortunately excludes cadets unless they hold Gold, MOI and attend a train the trainer course.

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Which is nonsensical as the bronze cyber course is just 4 presentations and a few very straightforward practical exercises.


I don’t disagree. And staff don’t have to hold cyber gold to deliver it, only cadets. But it’s the way it is.

What course would I have to go on after getting gold cyber? And what level would that allow me to teach up to?

You need to attend a Cyber train the trainer course, then you can teach Bronze.


I still think it’s ridiculous, especially as a lot of cadets are very knowledgeable with some taking or having done their A Level in Computer Science, MOI should assess their instructional skills, why is a course necessary?

^ same argument, frankly, for staff.

Do MoI. Bin off the separate courses for radio, cyber. Heck, roll in a bit of EDIP into MoI and bin off the Fieldcraft Instructor course.

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Or at the very least have a single instructional qualification which lets you teach at any level with the approved materials.

I see no reason why someone with an L3 or a teaching qual should have to deliver an assessed lesson to teach Bronze or Silver radio. It would be safe to assume that someone with SAAI would also be able to instruct radio (or Fieldcraft for that matter) as long as they know the material.

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But we have this already. It’s the MoI course. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Empire building

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Correct, however that current single qualification doesn’t let people instruct in those without jumping through more hoops. Though to be fair MOI is a cadet qualification, so I can see why not, but it raises the question of whether MOI is then fit for purpose… /thread drift/

No assessment required for radio, it’s just down to your WRCO. If they want to watch you teach first that’s down to them.