Asking for advice

So I thought I’d ask it here before I bring it up with a member of staff on the squadron in case someone here says it doesn’t have to be addressed.

I am a corporal of my squadron and have been for I believe 4 months now. We have a CWO at our squadron, however once he got promoted to CWO he’s changed and he isn’t so nice anymore. For example, one time I was looking for a staff member around the squadron. I believe I was running around the squadron twice before I found them. I had to ask the CWO twice where he was, the second time I let him know I couldn’t find him, and he spoke to me as if I was doing everything wrong.

The same thing comes when I am doing duties. One time I made a mistake after a sergeant told me one staff member signs it off on their own and I didn’t need to ask, the CWO spoke to me in a tone as if I purposely did the wrong thing (this was my first time doing duties).

Yesterday, I arrive at cadets 20 minutes early. Then there was a crowd of cadets behind me who were waiting to be let in. We assumed no one was down because usually someone lets us in 10 minutes before cadets starts. Someone ringed to squadron 5 minutes before cadets started as there were about 20 of us waiting. Someone eventually came to let us in the same time cadets started and told us we were late, where there were already 10 cadets waiting inside.

The CWO also thinks it’s ok to make jokes in messages and group chats (such as a 911 joke he made) and tell people off for saying “unkind” or “bad” things in group chats too. This is the same with a sergeant at our squadron. Someone told the group chat I was having a drink while I was on holiday and the sergeant sent an unkind message saying I should not turn up at the squadron. Even thought I knew of those rules, I was on holiday and him and his friends at the same squadron as us tell the group chats about their drinking and no one mentions anything about it.

Is there anything I can do about this?

If you feel that you are being bullied, then this needs to go to a member of staff. Choose one that you feel that you can talk to and speak to them.


This does need to be addressed. The above has the right idea. On a Sqn Night ask to speak to a member of staff you are comfortable with, if you have another Cadet NCO or Cadet you trust, bring them with you.


Hello @izzyexistent.

I’m sorry that you’re having issues with your CWO. I would always encourage cadets to flag up any issues or worries with a staff member, regardless of how small or inconsequential they seem. If your OC isn’t aware that a problem exists, they can’t fix it.

Having read your post, regarding their behavior on Sqn, I’ll be honest and say nothing you have written down sounds like the CWO is targeting you personally*. It does, however, sound like your CWO needs a bit of advice on how to get the best out of their NCO teams, as they seem to be lacking in the interpersonal and leadership skills expected of the role.

Regarding the messages, if they are posting offensive material, or using the platform to target you or any other cadet, then that needs to be reported. Screen shot anything you think fails to comply with our rules, or seems in bad taste, and bang it up the chain of command.

I hope this all gets sorted soon for you!

*I’m very aware that your post is limited in nature, and you may have missed other pertinent facts, so if you feel you are being bullied, please, please, please report it. It might help if you take some time before to write down your recollections of any or all times you feel that this has happened.


Cadets are allowed to drink when not on RAFAC duty. It is normal.

It surprises many to learn that in the UK in private settings children can drink from age five with parental consent.

In a pub you can consume alcohol from age 16 with a meal if an adult is present.

At age 18 you can buy your own alcohol.