Asking advice

Good evening all I have a question my self and a number of my cadets are interested in survival and air crew survival. Do you think I would be in deep do do if I contacted the ACLO at st Mawgan and ask him /her if they can talk to the SERE ( survival ) school see if there is any info they can give me the none restricted stuff ?

No harm in asking!

It never hurts to ask… the worst anyone can say is no.

You will probably only get told about stuff that is in the public domain already - but, it is reasonable to assume they MAY already have a package of info they can share following requests from eager enthusiastic cadets, students and members of the public.


Just ring up, explain who you are and what you’d like and why, and see what they say.

As ever, be polite, be friendly, be cheeky, but don’t be arsey…

When I was down south we’d get get support from CTCRM & 22SAS - it’s just a matter of calling them, and asking them for help in a way that doesn’t conflict with their op tasking.

The people you’ll be talking to, SNCO’s, OF3/4’s, have probably got kids - they will be inclined to help if you phrase it right, and make it easy from to help you.


There’s not much in military survival trg that is classified (& cadets won’t be looking at resistance to interrogation or doing combat search & rescue!), so no harm in asking.

My cadets have got resistance to interrogation sorted. If they don’t know anything, they can’t disclose it. So they make it a matter of principle not to learn anything.


I think we’ve all encountered the odd cadet that is already “highly proficient and being resistant…!”

Things have changed since I was a cadet then.