Arrogant cadet

This may look as a rant, im honestly not sure if this is the place to be but theres not really anywhere else to go. This isnt intended to disrespect this person, im just looking for sensible advice that could help.thankyou in advance.

Some background info:
Weve known eachother for a while when we met in secondary and we were really good mates. However, this all went downhill. Along the line we had an argument i cant recall. Since then we argue quite frequently. We eventually both joined cadets together with my other mates. It was decent at first.

This is where it starts. We are the cadets chosen most to lead and many saying we would make great NCOs. And this means that when i lead i really enjoy it. But this cadet lets me down. I try to ignore it, but if i ask a question, he rolls his eyes and makes comments that are incredibly ignorant such as ‘can we have someone who can actually call drill’ bare in mind we passed probation a month or 2 ago. He diesny understand that people dont always know everything. This is something ive tried to explain but he wont listen. Additionally, he always tries to start a quearrel then laughs in my face i just try to ignore it. Hes been told off by NCOs and still doesnt behave on squadron and was told off specifically for his ignorance. He thinks hes above others and always makes comments about others. My mates say to ignore it which i tried to no avail, and ive had it up to here. I also had him deliberately try to waste time when i was calling drill by asking REALLY stupid questions that were silly. I noticed this. I may have missesd a few things but i mostly covered it. Im just looking for advice on what to do next time, how i could avoid it, and whether i should bring it up with an SNCO. Thankyou for reading.

I’d suggest discussing with one of the NCOs. The whole Sqn is a team and this cadet sounds like he’s not working as part of that team. Undermining each other isn’t acceptable.



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Ok, i will do. Thanks for this!

I would speak to a SNCO about the individual, start by saying you need some advice and go from there. During you drill session if cadet X causes you issues pull him out of the Squad to stand to one side and tell him why. If he continues to cause trouble ask another cadet to go and get SNCO who can take cadet x for a little walk and chat.

Never be afraid to escalate to a higher rank. You have been put in charge and cadet x needs to accept that and understand why it is you and not him that was asked. Remove the irritation from your lesson and they will quickly understand the issues they are causing.

Cadet x is not letting you down, he is letting himself and the Squadron down. Don’t get drawn into argument, you don’t need to justify your existence or the way you teach. You are out the front and he isn’t.

Ok will do. Hes not really letting others down though thats the thing. Thats why its so hard to bring it up with people.its more personal as he does it as a result of past argumrnts. He says i dont deserve leading opportunities and im not sure why. I always behave and i always make an effort and he doesnt. He doesnt do little things with others just me so they would ask and he would bring up everything personal which would get us both into trouble. Him more than me but i still dont want to go through with it. Ill try get a corporal that i like to deal with it and tell him what hes doing wrong. Thankyou again for the advice x

I would say he is still not letting you down, he is deliberately being awkward and proving why he is not worthy of the position. When you speak to your SNCO suggest they covertly watch so that they can see for themselves what goes on.

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Alright cheers