Are loose parade shoes ok?

I just got my parade shoes and they’re sort of big, like 1-2cm extra space at the back. Is that alright or would I struggle with drill moves if they’re loose?


Those sound really big - you’ll struggle to walk, let alone do drill!


You will be able to do drill movements yes, but it will cause pain through rubbing


If you’re finding that level of spare space (and there’s no chance to try a size down) invest in a pair of thick insoles (eg buy from a Timpsons or equivalent, inside an Asda or Tesco supermarket).

Regulars & reserves are issued with both thin & thick pairs of black socks, so you could also experiment with that approach too.


As well as thick insoles you can get adhesive felt strips that you can put across the heel of the shoe to make it a better fit.

The bonus of that is you can always take them off if your feet grow!


Can’t you return them/swap them for smaller ones?

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