Are civcom and/or parents also allowed to use Phoenix transport?

Good evening all.

Civcom are helping to organise a trip for cadets to an airshowm, we have (hopefully, waiting on confirmation) secured travel through Phoenix for the transport of cadets & staff.

If there were to be spare seats available, would it be possible for members of civcom, and/or any parents, to fill them? i suspect not for parents - but looking through the ACP’s, I can not find the answer to this and have also not been able to get a definitive answer from staff at sqn either.

Thanks in advance for any and all assistance.

The details are in ACTO 150, parents are a definite no no. Registered Civ Com members only may be ok. It might depend on the duty.

As TBMike has said, only ones are those confirmed through Wing as ‘registered Civ Comm’ and only if they are ‘on duty’.

Now if you hired independently, and don’t go through Phoenix (btw it’s now called Clarity), you might find it to be different.

Thank you for your helpful replies - I now see the section you refer to.

It was called Phoenix by staff when I was at sqn, probably out of habit I guess. I’ve only been in the role for 9 months, so have a lot of reading to do!

for future reference should anyone want to know the answer

From ACTO 150, part 4, 4.2

Why can’t they travel on the transport? And not just because someone made up a rule, what is the real reason? It seems daft to say have transport for a trip and then others having to drive. So if parents wanted to go, would they take their children and maybe a mate, or would you insist that the cadets travel in the transport and the parents drive up separately?
Frankly if you want to make it a squadron ‘family’ outing, see if the extended interest is there, hire a suitably sized coach and charge people. The CWC agrees to sub the cadets and everyone else pays. With a 30-50 seater you should cover the cost of the coach with say a tenner a head. We’ve done a few things like this over the years with coaches ranging from 24-50 seats.

Why are they not allowed? Pass. I would guess “insurance” would be quoted. In the same way we aren’t allowed to have parents on a Squadron Air Rifle Range at a Squadron open day for example. It makes little difference who is sat on a seat or who is squeezing a trigger with coach on their shoulder, but dems de rules see….?

I actually did have a Sector ATC Sunday museum trip planned one year. 55 seater coach full of Cadets and had the Squadron Chairman and a Staff Member both travel down with their family separate to our coach. We all got in as one group (their kids plus the travelling Cadets with all the Staff under a “group ticket”) so they ended up having a reduced rate entry.
When a few suggested they could get on the coach with their family I waved the previous paragraph and they soon backed down (unfortunately some backed out altogether)

So yes I have made people travel separately to the main party.

From ACTO 150:

13.8. Unauthorised passengers must not be transported. If an unauthorised passenger is killed or injured as a result of a road traffic accident the MOD would not be liable for any claims. Should an accident occur, the driver could be held personally liable for meeting the costs of any claims that may arise as a result of the accident.

Ohhhhh yes they would. They might try to claim back some cost from the driver though.