Archery at the Sqn

Hey guys, our squadron has a ton of archery equipment from when we used to do it a while back, but it’s all been laying around unused for a couple years now. I was wondering what limitations and requirements are to do archery on squadron grounds. (Including staffing requirements, ratios, all and any information appreciated)

Your WATTO should be able to provide local guidance but as a minimum you will need someone who is an Archery GB Instructor to deliver the sessions. This award needs to be renewed every 3 years (online exercise). Instructor ratio is 1:12 (max).

Courses may be run locally by other organisations (I jumped on one delivered by the scouts) but if you can find 10-12 interested bodies then you can arrange a course through Archery GB.

See link below for details on arranging a course and the safety requirements for an archery range (indoor/outdoors).


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Awesome thank you so much for that!

We have an archery instructor & are in the process of setting up “taster” sessions.

Let me know if you need any more information & I ask him.

Where can we find information ie an ACTO or whatever for the official guidance of how to go about this? I’ve looked but since the search function is now limited to the folder you are in its not as easy as it used to be! I remember reading a document a long time ago but for the life of me cannot remember where to find it.

We fire arrows in our mess hall. Kids love it. (They can almost beat me at it too)


Is that from an ACP or a your local wing? I am an archery instructor and we get all our archery approved on SMS via a ‘sport’ application (it’s listed as an option).

Guidance note from Wg Cdr Phys Ed at HQAC, available on Sharepoint.


Thanks I couldnt find that!

I still can’t find it!
@Mike_Bravo where about a on the mess that is SharePoint?

Goto HQAC sharepoint, documents, RAFAC document library then search archery - its called Sport or AT Guidelines. I’ve just found it myself that way.

Ahh found it now. I never venture into the document library, I just stick to the Key document library (whatever the difference is)
So we’re refering to a document that is headed as DRAFT?

That was my thoughts too but the problem is there is no other official document anyway. Its one of those oddities that needs resolving as part of the SMS applications update threads currently being worked on.