Appropriate boots

I found these really cool boots online: They do have very few holes in the lining between the tow cap and the main part, for decorative purposes.
I like them because they resemble a narrow width compared to our bulky assault boots from
Let me know if they pass as being accepted, or a boot with that type of level of detail of decorations are not allowed

10" is tall. Most military boots are 8"
Not convinced that they are any good, sole looks thin but leather looks supple.
Depends what you want to use them for.
If less than £40 then probably ok.
The above is not a recommendation just my opinion.
My recommendation would be go for a pair of Magnums for general cadet activities, às with all foot wear try before you buy.

These seem to be a fashion boot rather than a working boot. As mentioned above the sole looks thin which also then casts doubt on the durability of the leather. Personally I wouldn’t bother, certainly not at $180. Plus those decorative dots will make you look like a

They’re $200!

They are a poor reproduction of a Jumpboot in the style of equestrian boots.

Paras wear normal boots for Tabbing in. Jumpboots are pointless or obsolete now. The soles are too rigid and the stuff toecaps are a pain, not to mention they are far too high and the Brogue stitching across the toecap looks naff. You want boots that are for getting dirty not for black tie events.

And it’s the cadets, not the Paras you don’t need £200 boots.

You can pick up some Magnum classics for mega cheap. 10/10 for enthusiasm and thinking outside the box though.

If you are going to spend that sort of money then the world is a shellfish of your choice.
Adidas GSG9
Top end Magnums
If you really want to look like an operator, Oakley dessert😂 boots.
If you are a 14 year old cadet then don’t spend silly money until your feet have stopped growing.

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not knowing what a “jumpboot” is i turned to Google

note the line mainly worn as dress and parade boots - note suitable for Cadet wear.

As indicated the price is foolishly high.

A budget of £40-50 will see you with a good boot which is very acceptable.
head down an Armynavy Store and you’ll get change from £20 with a part worn pair

Have your feet stopped growing?

If they have maybe spend a bit more, if not buy cheaper as you won’t get the use.

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Why on earth would you even want those boots? They look ridiculous and are expensive.



If you’re still growing, get second-hand issue boots, you can pick up decent ones for £50 and then sell them when they no longer fit for about £40.

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hello, thanks for the suport. I am planning to buy them for 50-90 pounds second hand

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They look a little… “dungeon” to me…

Much better boots out there for less.

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My best advice would be “don’t buy them”!
They are a little ostentatious and they do not look to me to be at all suitable for our purposes. A quick google has provided a photo of the soles:

No grip. These boots are not going to suit you well on wet, muddy, icy ground.
I think you’ll find the calf-height shaft to be a bit restrictive too.

There are reasons why the military really don’t wear this style of jump boots any more.

There are plenty of better options out there for the money.

To put it into context, I was able to pick up a brand new pair of Lowa boots for £70 on ebay. They’ve thus far lasted me 5 years and will continue to last with a simple resole job some time in the future.