Applying for Corporal

Hi everyone,
Recently the staff at my squadron have opened Corporal applications for cadets. This is new as they usually just pick people.
I want to apply but I feel like I haven’t got the right skillset. I would love to be able to be a corporal yet I struggle in social tasks, my uniform is so-so, my drill isn’t the best, and I haven’t attended that many extra activities. My friends who also attend my sqn have assured me that I would make a good corporal, but I think that’s just them being polite.
Does anyone have any recommendations for me? Is there anything I can do to reassure myself that I can? I think I’m just overanalysing the situation (as per usual with me :sweat_smile:) but I’m not sure if I’m the right person to be corporal.
Thanks in advance x

Honestly mate, you wont know if you don’t try.

Go for it and if you do not succeed then at least you’ll have some pointers for next time.

Ive gone for it multiple times now and not succeeded but every time i have received valuable feedback on what to improve whether it be my confidence, attendance ort just general social interaction with other cadets.

Good luck.

Give it a go. If it doesn’t go as planned ask feedback then action it

You’ve got nothing to lose, and even if you don’t succeed then the feedback will be fantastic for you to use to develop your skills.

As with others - give it a go.

If you don’t get it, they should give you a debrief - giving some pointers.

As a corporal, you would be a role model, so I’d suggest having a crack at improving your uniform - have a word with other NCO’s or SNCO’s for tips.

Well, if you know this, change it.

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It’s simple:

If you apply, the worst that can happen is you don’t get it.

If you don’t apply, the ONLY thing that will happen is you don’t get it.

If you apply, don’t get it, but gave it your best shot (you should definitely take action now to improve your weaknesses) and request feedback, then you get the benefit of experience and advice.

If you don’t apply, you get nothing.

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