Application for Self Help Works (Form 5401)

Has anyone out there managed to successfully complete the process of Self Help using the Form 5401. I need a few pointers.

Yes, your best plan is to get whoever is responsible for your building down for an inspection and then ask there and then. This way your application, when submitted, is a rubber stamp exercise.
There are quite strict rules on what self help is, for example, we were able to paint walls and were even given the paint to do it however, putting up antennas or electrical work (even if qualified) was a non starter. I think its something like, anything mechanical, electrical or involves water has to be done by the official contractor and then anything else comes under self funded (using the official contractors) or self help.

Good luck.

I do wonder why RFCA get so iffy about self-help given they are forever claiming poverty.
I can’t imagine people would do it any worse than some of the contractors they use and it would get done a lot, lot quicker. Or maybe this is the problem.
I know builders, plumbers and sparks who are all certified and experienced and would do it at mates rates.

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That’s the great irony.

I remember the order from Wing HQ to say that we can’t have individual staff performing work, because if they mess it up RFCA would not have any comeback on them.
Only RFCA approved contractors can be used because they have satisfied the requirements for competence, insurance etc.


They’ve satisfied the annual “bonus kickback” more like :wink: There’s an infamous contractor down South whose work is routinely so bad that everything I’ve ever known them to do has had to be redone by actual, reputable, contractors.
Yet they still keep getting the contract…
Suspicious? Hell yes it is!

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One of my old CI mates from 30 years ago worked for a firm of builders doing contracts and organising sub contractors. We had some work done at the squadron to replace the old big windows with “arrow slits”. He fell over when he saw who did it as they were a firm he’d had as a sub once and had refused to pay them the full amount as ‘his’ blokes had had to go in and make good. He said and as we all know, builders get work by word of mouth, do a crap job and you won’t get work. They had to come back to make it good, the CO asked him to be there when TAVRA came down with someone from the company, to go through what needed to be done. The bloke from the company recognised my mate and apparently my mate explained what he did told the TVARA bloke not to pay them the full amount … too late.
If my DIY efforts were as bad as some of the work we get done. my wife would be on my ear 'ole and I’d be embarrassed to say I did it. But these companies RFCA seem to come do a half-arsed job and seem happy.