Apple Watch

Hi I’ve recently got an Apple Watch and I’m just wondering if you can wear them at air cadets

Lucky you!

From The Book (AP1358C):

A watch of inconspicuous style may also be worn.

Our friendly neighborhood WO will no doubt be along soon, but my take would be a smart watch would be acceptable as long as it was a sensible size and colour.

Personally I’d consider an Apple Watch with a black strap to be okay, but it may be best to ask your NCOs or staff when you return to face to face activities.

It may be you’re asked to not wear it on formal parades.

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Maybe, but check with staff first in case another member has a fruit allergy.



And words.

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Aslong as its a discrete strap and not worn on ceremonial occasions I wouldn’t mind :wink:

Just make sure any notification sounds are switched off prior to cadets starting.

Check with your Sqn staff though… They might be triggered easier than me.


Why risk damaging an expensive watch? You shouldn’t use the watch’s facilities during normal activities (distraction).

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I could be wrong but wouldn’t recommend wearing one when on military establishments from a possible a eavesdropping / tempest risk

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Security wise, the watch would be fine anywhere that you’re allowed your mobile phone i.e. 99.999% of places that cadets would ever go


No different to having your mobile phone in your pocket - they’re always listening too.


The problem is people are fine with phones, but forget about watches, fit bits, etc :man_shrugging:t2:

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If you go somewhere where it matters they won’t forget.


Now if only there was an ACP where uniform regulations were laid down so that there wasn’t discrepancies between what staff on different Sqns think… :thinking: :roll_eyes:


You’re right…

But I’m also realistic but I’m sure you’ve been around long enough to know what I’m on about


haha, yeh, that wasn’t a criticism of you!


I wouldn’t have a problem. Plain simple colour strap and turn all the alerts off. Simples. Don’t come moaning if it get damaged or broken though!

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Pretty sure there was an accidental exposure of some secret American military bases because fit bit released hear map data of useage or something to that effect.

Found it!

Not just US bases :man_shrugging:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

Couple of kids on my sqn have them. We’ve never had any issues.

I think you guys are slightly overthinking this.

Other than a handful of bases, the majority of RAF stations are on google maps, with both road layout and up to date satellite views. Most of the websites even have the full layout with which building is which on a visitor map.

You can even at flying bases turn up and start taking photos with very expensive camera equipment and no one bats an eye lid.

It’s a little far fetched to think someone will hack cadet Johnny’s phone or watch just in case one day he may go onto an RAF base and release the location of the Naffi and the JRM.


I certainly have no issues with them wearing one! Was just sharing that link as some might find it interesting :slightly_smiling_face: