AP818 - Lesson Plans

Hoping someone can help,

I am the flight commander for my sqns wfd this year.

My WO has asked if i can compile all lessons so we can use them.

I was hoping if anyone had them already (just the lessons not ap818) and possibly send them me so i do not have to go through all of AP818

WFD - Wing Field Day?

I’d guess you’ll want AP818 Volume 1, Chapters 2 and 3. These chapters are all lesson plans, so you could extract those pages (25-219)?

Assuming you’re using the Corps drill competition sequence, you might also want to refer to ACTO120 and the foot/banner/continuity drill sequences.

Edit to add: Reading the competition, you’ll need the beginning of Chapter 4 (Foot Drill Slow March) as well.

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AP818 is a library of lesson plans…

Cheers means i havent got to through all 900 pages

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