AP1919 found

A draft 7th edition version of AP1919 has been released. SHOCK

AP1919 Draft


Cadet Force Adult Volunteer (CFAV): CFAV is used to refer to any person who is a member of the Cadet Forces in an adult supervisory role. CFAVs include officers and non-officer, uniformed and non-uniformed, staff.
Cadet: A cadet is a young person who has joined a cadet organisation and is not a CFAV.

So where does this put staff cadets?

Given they have an adult supervisory role = CFAV

This “draft” is about 10 years old and never came out of draft. Many aspects are thoroughly superseded and I wouldn’t give a whole lot of thought to it.

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Indeed, which excludes them (within draft AP1919) from being members of the ATC and RAFAC, makes chapter 4 meaningless and a bucket load of other issues. Safe to say staff cadets were forgotten about, again.

Surely they must want to progress it though if they’ve included references to CFC and RAFAC? Though given the above issues I’ve found within a 2 min glance it would surprise me if it makes it past the lawyers.

This document together with ACP10 and ACP11 is hopelessly out of date, non- compliant with charity law and fatally flawed. Where do they find the people to write this garbage ?
If the RAFAC wish to give even the slightest impression that they are running an ethical and legally compliant organisation then ACP10 ACP11 and ACP1919 must be withdrawn and re written from start to finish. Hopefully by someone independent, outside the organisation, who has both the legal knowledge and moral authority to do the right thing.