AP1358c Update to reflect CFC


That’s fair enough but I was simply asking whether a change which was discussed was going to be implemented so I could prepare for that change by being readily equipped. That doesn’t make me a ‘walt’ or part of the ‘SNCO Master Race’.


But do we really need TRFs at all?


Is that the point I’m making? I suspect our questions have similar answers.


Believe the whole TRF thing was an RAF insistance rather than HQAC


Probably not, but the argument would be that sometimes public events are in DPM/MTP and so the public need to know who we are - although I think that we could turn up in No 1s parading the Corps banner with the Central Band of the RAF playing Dambusters and a commentator continually saying who we are and people would still think we’re the army.

TBH given the way that the RAF (mis-)use TRFs they don’t really need them either.


Nothing in there so far around the TRF issue.

This was discussed last year sometime with our man on the CDPC. He asked for opinions so I gave mine.
At that time He/HQAC/the “Command WOs”, were considering a few different options:

  1. Everyone wears the RAF TRF.
  2. They produce more of the old SNCO badge and issue to everyone.
  3. They produce a new badge.

My considered opinion was that there is no need whatsoever for a TRF. We don’t require tactical recognition.
Though, we could argue a case for public recognition… In which case the RAF TRF is useless, as is the SNCO badge (unless someone looks really close) and that a new, plain, badge with the RAF Air Cadets logo would make most sense; in the same way that the RAF adopted the white RAF logotype badge for public duties.
This didn’t seem to be the option he was hoping for - cost isn’t it, I suspect.

If someone decides that we simply must have a badge and be all the same then I’d say use the RAF TRF - there’s a ton of them kicking around, until such time as we can afford to get a decent formation badge made up (and don’t ask blinking Ripoff Direct to produce it!!)


The RAF TRF offers an admirably easy, quickly, cheap option - personally I think the ACO should have its own formation identifier, a flash that everyone in, or working at, the ACO wears, regardless of rank or where their commission comes from - but I can see the attraction of the simplicity of using the RAF flash until something else comes along…


If only they hadn’t wasted so much money getting ripoff direct to produce so many different custom woven rank slides…
We might have been able to afford to buy a boat load of simple badges.


If we are to do a TRF, then I think that a diagonal TRF a la the SNCO flash (but without the embroidery would be the way forward.


Using the current SNCO TRF or a modified version both have the same base problem: there are none available and we would need to pay money to get a batch made up.

The RAF have (I am told) a large stock of their TRF for free. From hearing Wg Cmdr TG rattle his gums about it this seems to be the overriding factor, regardless of whether the RAF’s TRF (or any TRF) is appropriate or relevant.


TBF, no TRF is even cheaper


Back to the main topic…

At one point today is the new update being released? It’s now 15:15 and still no sign.


They are probably just putting out that it will be out today to see how many people on here it can irk. If it was me id set it to upload at 00:02 tomorrow morning (Which is probably one of the many reasons i am not allowed to be in charge of anything important)


Well, it’s almost 7pm and there’s no sign of it. I’m not sure why I’m surprised, if I’m honest


Me neither.


What a shame…I was looking forward to a bit of light reading before bed!


I’m guessing HQAC closes approx 1630 so I’ve accepted that it isn’t today.

I go back to my previous point about being given an ETA that isn’t correct being incredibly frustrating.


Apparently will be live tomorrow




Tomorrow…senior officer time! :grin: