AP1358c Update to reflect CFC


Has RAFAC pins and sliders made it into the draft yet?


Well… In as much as “ATC” and “VRT” have been replaced by “RAFAC”, so it now references the RAFAC insignia. Photos of Nos 1, 4, and 5 with RAFAC insignia are still awaited but we do now have a new photo to show the correct placement of RAFAC pins on jackets.


We also need photos/instructions for wear on greatcoats


Mine may well have colour on the heel and toe to help me not match them…

Sometimes I can barely keep up with the excitement in my life :slight_smile:


Having a minor but good natured argument on technicalities (and wanting to see a few temple blood vessels burst open);

Does AP1358C state what colour laces you are required to wear in any uniformed footwear?

My interpretation is that it doesn’t, so technically (yes, I need to get a life…) I could wear purple laces and not be breaking the rules, just the spirit of the rules.


Depends on whether you define a shoe as intrinsically requiring laces. In which case, they need to be the same colour of the shoe.


I would agree Baldrick. And on a purposive interpretation they must be required to be black


I’ve had brown laces in my parade shoes for ages. No one has noticed and I keep forgetting to buy new black ones


Anyone else seen the V3.0 version that is on sharepoint floating around at the moment. Still a long way away from anything that is publishable.

I’m sure we’ll have left the EU before this gets published.


Padding padding


You little tinker.


Search for ap1358c v3_


Only ones I can find have a password or “aren’t available”.


RC(N) says V3 should be on sharepoint by close of play 03 Dec


Is that the same as the two weeks time we were told about at the beginning of November?


Is there anything about the formation flash changing?


I believe cadets are staying the same, the plan is all staff adopt othe current RAF TRF (Not the green one they use for PR purpose)




Not sure it will be reflected in this update


Do we not have more important uniform issues than TRFs? Given we are only going to wear ‘greens’ playing among ourselves own games and never going to be tactical? This sort of nonsense panders to walts and SNCO “master race” to get far too excited about. I always thought we only wear cammo under the pretext it stops blues getting too dirty if we had to roll around in the mud.

The single biggest issue wrt uniform is ensuring we get what an assured supply of what we need for cadets and staff for day to day wear.