AP1358c Update to reflect CFC


RC(N) did say that it “Should be available” in about 2 weeks, not that it “will be”.


I can understand @AlexCorbin frustration. If they don’t know when it will be announced then just say ‘in due course’. It’s frustrating when you’re given timeframes that aren’t adhered to.


Im just a very impatient person ha


Is the timeline spoken about for Beards being allowed or CFCs being made official?


And I want to know whether to bother buying more razors when I run out!


Will we be allowed to grow our nose and ear hair as well?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It comforts me knowing I am not the only one awaiting a good result on the beard topic! :joy:


I dont know if i could cope with the itchyness


Temporary pain for a lifetime of happiness! :wink:


I don’t know that I could cope with the divorce bills



Are you pro or anti beard?


I’m more anti shaving than pro beard


I’m not convinced you could actually grow a beard :wink:


I like it.


Agreed. But I think she’s fine with a beard, it’s just this Movember Tash she’s having issues with…



Would resemble this


In all seriousness, ref it being sent out.

Do you reckon whoever has hold of it is waiting until the RAF 1358 is updated?
I don’t know the state of play with it but it was last updated in Feb.


I hope not. If we are, it will have to go back to the drawing board as they will need to carefully select which changes, that don’t apply to our organisation in the slightest, they need to needlessly copy and paste over. It’s an arduous task.


If you’re old enough to grow it, I doubt you have a choice.


I’d be somewhat surprised - given that this is a major revision ( i.e. it actually contains new policies instead of just being a tweak of para numbering or to add photos or such like) that ours comes out before 1358.

That said, the draft version of 1358C does not currently include beards. So clearly things are not quite there yet.